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As part of his speech, Jeremy Corbyn stressed that the 52,000 car manufacturing jobs in the West Midlands depend on frictionless trade with EU supply chains.
Mr Tusk warned: "There can be no frictionless trade outside of the customs union.
Setting out what a successful Brexit means to them, the organisations are calling on the Government to maintain free and frictionless trade with the EU, and to secure the benefits of existing EU preferential trade arrangements, at least until the Government can replace them with 'acceptable alternative arrangements'.
Ripple provides one frictionless experience to send money globally using the power of blockchain.
With a modern commerce strategy, manufacturers can create frictionless, personalized experiences with speed, precision and consistency across all of their channels.
Leading Labour pro-EU MP Chuka Umunna was unimpressed, saying: "They might promise frictionless trade, but they are offering a red-tape bombshell for British business.
Now there is an innovative solution that empowers payment processors to ensure the continuous flow of goods and services for all of their merchants providing frictionless options that rely on underlying stored payment methods: subscription, mobile, in-app, NFC, beacon, IoT, voice, hands-free.
imec and Holst Centre develop ultra-small low-power, high-quality sensors and specialized algorithms that turn data into valuable knowledge, paving the way to next-generation wearables that offer medical-quality data monitoring in a frictionless way.
By integrating utility bill payments, prepaid and DTH account recharges, we are making this a "one-tap" process to deliver a frictionless marketplace experience.
With the term frictionless IT, we mean an enterprise IT that just works, reshaped after the experience offered by modern consumer-grade public cloud services, which business users are growing to expect.
The typical student housing resident is looking for a completely frictionless experience.
It covers kinematics of fluid flows, dynamics of frictionless fluids, the irrotational motion of an incompressible fluid: Laplace's equations, the motion of bodies in an incompressible frictionless fluid, and plane irrotational incompressible flow: complex variables.