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Nay, Henry, not by all; not forgotten by all; not friendless or forgotten.
It would have sounded oddly to Mary, but life is gray to friendless girls, and something might have come of it.
I am homeless, friendless, penniless," I went on, getting more hollow at every word.
There was no other creature who could be a companion to the friendless girl.
With famine staring her in the face, what else could the friendless woman do but return to the father of her child?
I am only a friendless woman," I said, "who has lost all that she loved and prized, and who is trying to win it back again.
And up-stairs, in the east gable, a lonely, heart-hungry, friendless child cried herself to sleep.
The sympathy of society with a friendless woman could hardly have been expressed in a more amusing way
You can hardly imagine a person more friendless than I am.
By night and day, at all times and seasons: always watchful, attentive, and solicitous, and never varying in the discharge of his self-imposed duty to one so friendless and helpless as he whose sands of life were now fast running out and dwindling rapidly away: he was ever at his side.
Yes, sir, I am not ashamed to own it; it is owing to his goodness that I did not long since perish for want, and leave my poor little wretches, two destitute, helpless, friendless orphans, to the care, or rather to the cruelty, of the world.
I am alone in the world," said the friendless girl.