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Perhaps you have heard the expression, "He died friendless and penniless.
St Peulan Church at Llanbeulan is being looked after by Friends of Friendless Churches
The Friendless were inspired by stuff that I grew up with--the love of Hello Kitty and all the Japanese cuteness I was surrounded with," says Yuk, who was born in Hong Kong and has been drawing since she was a child.
There are other, lesser characters in the book: My love interest, Jordana (who has eczema), the friendless Zoe, and Chips, who made our Religious Education teacher cry.
Charley Maplewood is friendless and fatherless as he prepares to celebrate his tenth birthday with a party.
After spotting her daughter in the background of a camp photo gallery on the Web, she contacts the camp director worried that the child is surely lonely and friendless because, "Just look, you'll see.
Her mother is a famous movie star, and Jane shares her mother's glamorous looks, but she is friendless and lonely.
The kids are overworked and friendless until a lovely red bird leads them to a beautiful haven: they can stay forever, if they make a terrible choice.
But she quickly discovers that her fantasy life comes at a price as the intervening 17 years have turned her into a friendless, backstabbing bitch.
David Loder's charge was virtually friendless in the market at 16-1, but she took the lead under Neil Pollard well inside the final furlong before going on to triumph by a neck.
She's also moaning about how lonely and friendless she is within royal circles.
But Dubai Destination remains friendless in the market and is no longer clear favourite.