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My sense of friendlessness grew particularly acute after I was abandoned, halfway through my seventh-grade year, by my best friend from the years before junior high.
He exclaims: "Immediately then the thought came sweeping across me, What miserable friendlessness and loneliness are here revealed!
His friendlessness was undoubtedly down to the support for Noel Meade's Watson Lake, who was sent off at 6-4.
This need for affection is real, necessary and important for many and lack of its fulfillment may bring loneliness, rejection, and friendlessness. Further, using the logistic regression model, the probability of classification of cases was determined into their respective groups.
One explanation of the friendlessness position is that middlers naturally compete with one another and interact only when necessary to satisfy common needs or combat threats (Tiger, 1969).
In EastEnders, his only friend was his cousin - and even his alliance with Ian seemed based on mutual friendlessness - with Mark mostly having only his bananas for company.
Sixteen chapter introductions by Martin van Bruinessen--the Kurdish-speaking author of Agha, Shaikh and State: The Social and Political Structures of Kurdistan--do a fine, objective job of clarifying political movements and diagnosing Kurds' friendlessness. Because Iran and Iraq have been avowed enemies of the United States, the material on the recent history of those countries in Kurdistan is relatively familiar.