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Technology will play a major role in an effort to make London a friendlier place for global customers to do business.
A new logo has also been designed that was voted unanimously by consumers as being warmer and friendlier.
Jenny says: "Russell got friendlier and friendlier as the night went on.
Hunter's Sports Plex was no Crisler Arena, but the price was friendlier (no charge).
Notice how you instantly look friendlier and feel more at ease.
Hershco purchased both parcels of land in February 2005 following the rezoning, which made downtown development friendlier to developers.
Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition'' feels like a warm apology, giving gamers new features and a slightly friendlier game-play experience after beating them into submission with the previous version.
Harrison the proponent of tonal clarity and a delicate sensibility friendlier to baroque music.
Even those friendlier spaces that include windows provide no respite from the subterranean atmosphere of secrecy and inaccessibility.
They are said to have the benefits of being safer in the workplace and friendlier to the environment, according to the manufacturer.
A test of modified fishing nets has revealed ways to make gill nets friendlier to seabirds, reducing the number that get entangled underwater and drown, according to Washington scientists.