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The 2017 Small Business Friendliness Survey is the largest continuous study of small business perceptions of government policy in the United States.
However, making a decent living seems to be even more challenge than making friends in Ireland, the results of the study's Personal Finance Index show, which places Ireland in 65th place out 20 Where the country was ranked in friendliness section of the survey x hn of 67 countries.
Retailers from seven sectors were honoured in the fourth Consumer Friendliness Index of the Department of Economic Development in Dubai at a special ceremony held on Wednesday.
Coventry and Warwickshire was voted seventh in the Small European Cities of the Future 2016/17 for business friendliness, ninth for economic potential among Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) of the Future 2016/17 and seventh in the top ten of LEPs of the Future 2016/17 for business friendliness.
The city's lowest rank was 39th out of 40 for friendliness of locals, and 35th for the best value for money, while and Cancun and Lisbon respectively head the list for these two categories.
Of 40 cities worldwide, only Moscow was placed lower than London for the friendliness of the locals this year, a poll by the TripAdvisor company showed.
com because it's free, and it allows customers to give a detailed review of car dealers on five levels: Customer service, quality of work, friendliness, overall experience, and price.
They are praising the friendliness of the people in Britain.
THE natural environment and the friendliness of the people are most valued by those taking holidays in Wales, a major new survey has revealed.
HERE in the North East we quite rightly enjoy a reputation for openness and friendliness.
In Experiment 2, the PAAQ Pro-Black subscale predicted verbal friendliness toward the Black conversation partner, whereas the IAT predicted nonverbal friendliness toward the Black conversation partner relative to the White conversation partner.
LIVERPOOL has been rated smiles ahead of other cities when it comes to the friendliness of its people, a new study reveals.