friendly agreement

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This sign of good faith resulted in a friendly agreement between the British representatives in the Gulf and the Sheikhs of Bahrain in 1816.
The parties involved have since reached a friendly agreement to resolve the crisis.
Investment Minister and the technical secretariat have conducted several negotiation rounds with the company in order to reach the friendly agreement, which according to the Egyptian government only repays what the company has paid before, including the value of licensing and lands, in instalments within a year.
Hecla Mining has announced a friendly agreement to acquire Mines Management Inc.
We knew we had to reach a friendly agreement to avoid those complications.
Friendly agreement will clear up misconceptions involving a work or domestic issue.
Another friendly agreement between Ecuador and Colombia has effectively ended the process that the Ecuadoran government has pursued against Colombia at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR).
No, discussions have been terminated after LDI tried to find every amicable avenue to conclude a friendly agreement between both companies," he said.
Clerides yesterday confirmed a report in daily Politis that the cabinet has approved the exchange of land between a Turkish Cypriot refugee and Tymvios, five years after the Greek Cypriot had reached a friendly agreement with Turkey over his occupied property.
On the other hand, there is a certain unknowability and contingency imbued in the friendly agreement which protects non-state actors.
Last month, Chavez said he would be happy to discuss "a friendly agreement.