friendly disposition

See: goodwill
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It was particularly delightful to him to have got rid of the hostility he had been feeling towards Vassenka Veslovsky at home, and to feel instead the most friendly disposition to him.
I must recommend you," said he, "to be particularly careful on the coast, and not to rely too much on the friendly disposition of the natives.
It was an experiment which, skilfully and dexterously performed, would be over in five minutes, with great comfort and satisfaction to all parties; and though it did not become him (Mr Dennis) to speak well of himself he trusted he might be allowed to say that he had practical knowledge of the subject, and, being naturally of an obliging and friendly disposition, would work the gentleman off with a deal of pleasure.
But about a year ago, something had occurred which induced Tom to test his uncle Glegg's friendly disposition.
Young Powell, a little shy notwithstanding the friendly disposition of the other, answered him smilingly, aware somehow that there was something marked in this inquisitiveness, natural, after all-- something anxious.
Much impressed by this family circumstance, and also by the friendly disposition of Mr Wegg, as exemplified in his so soon dropping into poetry, Mr Boffin again shook hands with that ligneous sharper, and besought him to name his hour.
The Acting Director, who commented on the poor compliance by the people stressed the need for sustained awareness and attitudinal change towards a friendly disposition to the environment that would encourage people to imbibe the habit of maintaining clean and healthy environment always, while appealing on security and other enforcement agencies in the State should assist the ministry to enforce the law.
They thrive even in the most hostile environment because of their true grit and friendly disposition that eventually win the hearts of the people.
in Bernadette Edgar, 75, from Washington, said: "It's important to have a happy, friendly disposition in life.
This is to ensure the dog is in good health and has a friendly disposition when he mixes with other dogs," said Abraham Mornay, General Manager at Cloud 9.
If properly reared and trained and Cody was, it will not see humans as predators, but instead will adopt a friendly disposition.
She's probably got the most friendly disposition towards the BJP and Modi," Agrawal said.