Friendly Fire

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Friendly Fire

Fire burning in a place where it was intended to burn, although damages may result. In a military conflict, the discharge of weapons against one's own troops.

A fire burning in a fireplace is regarded as a friendly fire, in spite of the fact that extensive smoke damage might result there from. Ordinarily, when an individual purchases fire insurance, the coverage does not extend to damages resulting from a friendly fire but only to loss resulting from an uncontrollable hostile fire.

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A preliminary investigation by the Israeli armyconcluded that friendly fire was responsible for the soldier'sdeath and for the wounding of the other soldiers.
This article will define friendly fire and distinguish it from other forms of battlefield killings.
Both deaths may have resulted from friendly fire and they are under investigation by the Royal Military Police, the MoD said.
12 by friendly fire, but has not officially released names or the cause of death."
This is believed to be the second friendly fire incident involving British troops in Afghanistan.
Late on Friday, July 13, suspiciously after the day's news cycle had ended, the Defence Department released its report on the friendly fire death of Pte.
When the bullets rip through the flesh smashing bones with disabling pain, it must be a great comfort to the recipient to hear the phrase 'it's only friendly fire mate'.
The US pilots involved in the "friendly fire" attack that killed 25-year-old L-Cpl Hull of Windsor, Berkshire, near Basra in March 2003 were reservists from the Idaho National Guard's 190th Fighter Squadron who had never been in action before.
The journalist author of FRIENDLY FIRE reported under war conditions, was kidnapped, rescued by an Italian secret agent, then shot by U.S.
Why did these guys intent on friendly fire reappear?

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