Friendly Fire

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Friendly Fire

Fire burning in a place where it was intended to burn, although damages may result. In a military conflict, the discharge of weapons against one's own troops.

A fire burning in a fireplace is regarded as a friendly fire, in spite of the fact that extensive smoke damage might result there from. Ordinarily, when an individual purchases fire insurance, the coverage does not extend to damages resulting from a friendly fire but only to loss resulting from an uncontrollable hostile fire.

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The concept of friendly fire is similar in many respects to the accidental killing of civilians, but such accidental killings appear to be treated differently and are often referred to as "civilian casualties" or by more sterile terms like "collateral damage.
Recollections differ on how soon and how readily the US high command acknowledged that friendly fire had felled the highest-ranking American to be killed in all of World War II--indeed, the highest-ranking US Army officer ever to be killed on the front lines.
When young bodies are blown to pieces beyond recognition, what comfort and succour it must be to the families to know that it was only friendly fire that mutilated your son, husband, father.
Five British soldiers have been killed by friendly fire since the war on Iraq began on March 20.
Lieutenant Rob Driscoll, spokesman for the Royal Marines Logistics Regiment, said: "The Americans have made massive strides to avoid friendly fire.
A study in mice now points to a fragment of the insulin protein itself as the target that draws friendly fire from immune-system warriors called CD8 T cells, researchers report in the September NATURE MEDICINE.
It looked like we were clearly going to drop back into Vietnam mourning, but suddenly we were out of the body bag simply because it was announced that these first losses were victims of friendly fire.
There was not any friendly fire then (all hostile from victims point of view).
An MoD spokesman said the death was being investigated as a "suspected friendly fire incident".
A Ministry of Defence spokesman said the death was being investigated as a "suspected friendly fire incident".
KABUL (PAN): An ANA patrol was caught in friendly fire by ISAF troops in Pech district in the eastern Kunar province, ISAF said Sunday.

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