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It is a strange thing to observe, how high a rate great kings and monarchs do set upon this fruit of friendship, whereof we speak: so great, as they purchase it, many times, at the hazard of their own safety and greatness.
There are two elements that go to the composition of friendship, each so sovereign that I can detect no superiority in either, no reason why either should be first named.
That at least is my idea about friendship, and I am sure I am right.
I believed your heart noble enough to enable a friendship of twenty years to overcome an affront of a quarter of an hour.
Surely such persons, if they will not be thought mad, must own, either that they are incapable of tasting the sweets of the tenderest friendship, or that they sacrifice the greatest happiness of which they are capable to the vain, uncertain, and senseless laws of vulgar opinion, which owe as well their force as their foundation to folly.
One would think such a friendship would not require any thing to remind one of its existence," returned the aunt.
If, therefore, thou wouldst have me enjoy what can be called life, thou wilt at once engage in this love struggle, not lukewarmly nor slothfully, but with the energy and zeal that my desire demands, and with the loyalty our friendship assures me of.
The progress of the friendship between Catherine and Isabella was quick as its beginning had been warm, and they passed so rapidly through every gradation of increasing tenderness that there was shortly no fresh proof of it to be given to their friends or themselves.
But for all that, their acquaintance had not ripened into friendship.
Lying in bed at the end of his first week at the farm, he reviewed the progress of his friendship with her, and was amazed at the rapidity with which it had grown.
Foley, that I have any longer a claim to your friendship, since Mr.
When the dark hours came and Essex fell into disgrace, it was Bacon who forgot his friendship.

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