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However, I did the child no harm; I did not so much as fright it, for I had a great many tender thoughts about me yet, and did nothing but what, as I may say, mere necessity drove me to.
When David saw that he lay still and that he was appar- ently dead, his fright increased immeasurably.
The city was now in a terrible fright, and everybody was under concern for their friends.
Psychologicalclaimstandard A claimant may recover workers compensation benefits for a purely psychological injury, provided the injury is causally related to a sudden shock or fright arising out of and in the course of the claimants employment.
In Australia, that film may well be Wake In Fright (Ted Kotcheff, 1971), a movie so renowned that it brings with it its own uniquely unsettling mythology.
THE thunder roared, the cat took fright And dashed off somewhere into the night The thunder roared again then we awaited more The dog went and hid behind the kitchen door Then the thunder roared with all its might The budgie sadly died of fright I peered through the window to take a look When all of a sudden the whole house shook I trembled when I heard that terrifying sound And parts of the roof fell to the ground The thunder roared throughout the sky Then suddenly it was gone in the blink of an eye ALAN WATERHOUSE Seaton Delaval
The University of the Philippines Cinema Arts Society (UP Cast) is in fact holding its annual 'Aswangan Fright Night' on Nov.
Joe Appleyard, engineer at Severn Unival in Brighouse, who took part in the Stage Fright session, said: "The Stage Fright programme aided my understanding of the importance of projecting myself when presenting.
We're barely into September but Little Mix are already in full-on fancy dress for next month's fright fest.
Playing Scared: A History and Memoir of Stage Fright will appeal to two audiences: those interested in autobiographies and memoirs, and those with a special interest in performance stories.
Chicago Frights is three days and four nights of Halloween networking, sharing scary ideas, learning new techniques, buying special effects and frightfully good times," says Leonard Pickel, Show Coordinator and 35 year veteran of the fright attraction industry.
RUBY WALSH believes there is no need to write the final chapter in Hurricane Fly's racing career just yet and he puts his flop in the French Champion Hurdle down to getting a fright at the first hurdle as well as ground that was much quicker than advertised.