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Just yesterday we saw, worst of all, they are trying to frighten people who are suffering from cancer.
I, and several neighbours, also have cats and some children think it is amusing and acceptable to chase and frighten them.
If he's burgling the home of a 95-year-old female, they can't send the dog in because it might frighten the criminal.
The Stockton South MP, explaining why such controls were needed, told Commons colleagues that her offices had been damaged, adding: "These people will go to any length to frighten us, to try to ensure that we do not change the law.
If heavy metal and gangsta rap frighten you, they will seem less shocking in a context where the audience is also being told to vote, not to take drugs, and to be more tolerant.
Crowded areas frighten her, and she frequently calls her parents from school, pleading to be taken home.
My resolve will never diminish When I get someone in my life The flame will not relinquish Through all of my strife I was quite terrified as the water streamed down Ever so glad it stopped plip plop He had no intention to frighten me I'm sure he meant no harm But showed me human nature was the alarm J A Branion Riley Square, Bell Green Coventry.