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He began to wish he could see a flash from the lantern -- it would frighten him, but it would at least tell him that Tom was alive yet.
He doesn't like grown-up young ladies in long trains and wonderful fine clothes; they frighten and bore him
Miss Bates stood in the very worst predicament in the world for having much of the public favour; and she had no intellectual superiority to make atonement to herself, or frighten those who might hate her into outward respect.
Elinor blushed for the insincerity of Edward's future wife, and replied, "This compliment would effectually frighten me from giving any opinion on the subject had I formed one.
I cried out that he would frighten the child into fits, and ran to rescue him.
Don't interrupt me by making explanations; and don't frighten the cat.
There are demons down there, quite black, standing in front of boilers, and they wield shovels and pitchforks and poke up fires and stir up flames and, if you come too near them, they frighten you by suddenly opening the red mouths of their furnaces.
McGREGOR hung up the little jacket and the shoes for a scare-crow to frighten the blackbirds.
You didn't frighten me," she retorted, with a touch of fire.
answered the other, "I am sure you frighten me out of my wits now.
It was wrong to send such a letter, it was wrong to frighten Miss Fairlie.
replied the young lady; 'you frighten my aunt as much as the thieves did.