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"The hawks are best to frighten off the pigeons and the falcons are used to scare off the seagulls, crows, rooks and magpies around the landfill sites."
Four-year-old Rufus was brought down from Corby, Lancashire, to the All England Club to frighten off birds.
She also introduces us to the mighty elephant garlic, which could frighten off a whole gang of vampires, not just Dracula.
THE presence of Big Buck's and Diamond Harry has failed to frighten off any opponents in tomorrow's BGC Long Walk Hurdle, as all 11 runners who stood their ground at Monday's forfeit stage are due to line up at Ascot tomorrow.
Should they stand in silence in case they frighten off the drunks, drug addicts and assorted yobs that walk the streets free from persecution then?
Cameras show gelada baboons screaming to frighten off predators in China, demoiselle cranes struggling to fly over the Himalayas, and snow leopards hunting on the Pakistan peaks.
CRIME-BUSTING signs designed to frighten off burglars have been installed in a Rugby street.
Bill Clifford, 77, tried to frighten off the gang who had shouted at him, tried to kick in his door and broke a window.
West Midlands Police has turned to a flat-footed intake in a bid to frighten off burglars by employing 6ft plastic cut-outs of police officers.
BULLDOZERS at a quarry with a rare pair of nesting peregrine falcons have been forced to a halt amid fears they could frighten off the birds.
A CAMERAMAN used a flare to frighten off a huge polar bear as it attacked his remote cabin in Greenland.
A PLANT hire boss who boasted about being a "nasty b***" to frighten off his rivals has been jailed for 12 years.