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When he heard his mother spoken of harshly or when he overheard her berating his father, he was frightened and ran away to hide.
She was really frightened now, and was yet hesitating what to do, when the bushes crackled and snapped, and a man came plunging through them, close before her.
"A frightened cat is usually crouched, has dilated pupils, and with ears flattened to his/her head," says Dr.
All family members getting frightened dared asked who they were and why have trespassed their home.
Buddies heading to this year's Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival can expect a touching tribute to Frightened Rabbit frontman Scott Hutchison.
BELLADRUM will pay tribute to Frightened Rabbit frontman Scott Hutchison by playing one of their albums in full rather than replace them on the line-up.
Subsequently, Fadil said the victim, who was shocked and frightened, fled and screamed for her mother.
Gebremarian, 18, of Yardley Street, Hillfields, was sentenced to 20 months detention after Judge Sally Hancox observed that his first victim is now frightened to return to college.
The actress, who has been married to the James Bond star since 2011, also said she gets "frightened" with every role she takes on.
Islamabad -- It seems that the government has been frightened by 'Shaikh Rasheed's Cigar' as Public Accounts Committee put a ban on smoking in its meeting held on Wednesday.
COUNCILS in the West Midlands sent bailis to chase unpaid council tax more than 172,000 times last year - leaving youngsters frightened and worried, according to the Children's Society.

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