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Sources on the other hand say that it is not anything new or something to be frightened off as Islamabad is placed on high security since last many days.
Mr Fellows added that it also meant that most of the other animals in the area had been frightened off.
They frightened off the man as he assaulted the girl in a field off Hartshead Lane, Hartshead Moor, a little over a mile from the spot where she was snatched.
But the would-be attacker was frightened off by a member of the public who shouted at him.
It's definitely one of those pieces of "conventional wisdom" that has a lot of people nodding their heads: that the compliance costs of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and especially its Section 404 on internal controls, have frightened off a host of foreign companies that would otherwise have opted to list on the U.
The murder happened just days after Nisha frightened off three black men who'd been trying to burgle her home in Wembley.
A robbery was thwarted late Monday night at a Black Angus restaurant in Valencia when an alarm inside the eatery frightened off the masked intruder, who was armed with a handgun, according to Sgt.
The real Al-Qaida ship bound for Britain was frightened off by the raid.
He was trying to assault her but was frightened off.
In the editor's view, concentration by musicologists on written polyphony and especially on its technical characteristics has frightened off historians and students of the Renaissance.
Eight would-be robbers frightened off only because their intended victim was armed.
But Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea are also admirers and won't be frightened off by the asking price.

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