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haven't have gone website to a far flock of birds that hard some crumbs sausage case; "frightening"The crime here is frightening, living here is like a punishment.
Freddie's mum, Casey, told the ECHO: "Since his picture was first published, Freddie has entered every year, dressing up in all kinds of scary monster costumes and frightening the life out of me
DS Rob Bastin, from Walsall CID, said: "This was a frightening incident and we are appealing for anyone who was in the area of the Co-op around 6.
They reasoned their children could see the doctor's full face with the face shield and this would be less frightening.
As per a poll of 2,246 adults for the report In the Face of Fear, 77 per cent believed the world had become more frightening in the last ten years.
Rebecca Carter, 23, PR executive, Newcastle: If I'd gone away this summer it would have been to America, so it's frightening.
The implication is that supplies will contract--a truly frightening prospect in an era of increasing demand for energy.
Emerging disease, pesticides, antibiotic resistance, heavy metals--every time we turn around it seems we face frightening new threats to the health of every living organism on our planet.
In the absence of a wave of real-life, game-inspired carnage, Harvard Medical School psychiatry professor Cheryl Olson, writing in the journal Academic Psychiatry in the summer of 2004, advised that "it's time to move beyond blanket condemnations and frightening anecdotes and focus on developing targeted educational and policy interventions based on solid data.
21) In light of this new consensus, the early George books, with their unapologetic portrayal of danger, now seemed too frightening.
00) provides a different kind of monster story: Bobo is a young monster afraid of what may be under his own bed: it could be a boy with frightening pink skin ready to scare him.

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