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You've seen the numbers before: they tell us that PC use in African American households is frighteningly low in comparison with that of white households.
You stand by the river, it rises like transparent skin on an eyeball, big as a belly and stuffed with calm, it rises in your eyes frighteningly high, only from the very edge can you tell it's moving along, like rivers are supposed to.
They are frighteningly real, frighteningly pathetic.
Too much of what I see being produced is frighteningly easy to dismiss.
FRIGHTENINGLY cute Rosie Finnin is today's ECHO Little Horror.
And frighteningly, the number of people with e x t r e m e o b e s i t y i s increasing.
Only the third road car to carry the name of one of Formula One's most respected and successful manufacturers, the MP4-12C uses carbon fibre extensively - to the extent that even the chassis is made out of this lightweight, frighteningly expensive material.
Their relief will be shared by people on the ground below, in Northumberland, where note will also be taken of the official report of the inquiry into the frighteningly near miss.
An already masterful -- if hugely bleak -- pairing of important contemporary drama is adrenalized by two Kotsur performances so frighteningly true that even with the words being supplied by another actor, you connect inextricably with the man's plight.
Instead the low-budget mood is frighteningly realistic, as modern-day fears escalate into edgy paranoia and climax on a truly harrowing note.
In Amanda Burton's cool hands (and raised eyebrows), Commander Clare Blake is a frighteningly tough cookie.
Even the three-litre version is not frighteningly quick but it's smoother than a Bond chat-up line.

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