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Rick Salinas, the company general manager, said, 'San Diego's best casino is going to be dressed up for the holiday and we want to invite everyone to come out for a frightfully good time.
Kids ages 10 and younger were treated to such activities such as ghoulish games, a costume parade, frightfully fun face painting, Halloween crafts and live critters from the Nature Center.
in front of the dock, the latter cried and wept like a child and quivered frightfully.
Abby and the frightfully dull Becker go off to catch the injured dragon, which is actually a plant-eating dinosaur.
Lewis writes in Mere Christianity, "Is it not frightfully unfair that this new life should be confined to people who have heard of Christ and been able to believe in Him?
Guests at Royal Mail's latest stamp launch had a frightfully good time, with Dracula, Frankenstein and The Mummy on the guest list.
The Africans are frightfully bad, the liberals would have us believe, for not paying attention to those ancient and strict canons about episcopal jurisdiction and diocesan boundaries.
In Wonka's factory, all the worst tendencies of the children - their gluttony, their selfishness, their greed - come into play, and they all pay in frightfully amusing ways as they wend their way through the bizarre factory.
Too many young women are frightfully ignorant about the ways they can and cannot get pregnant, and both boys and girls know too little about their susceptibility to sexually transmitted diseases.
He will need to purchase a chamber reamer, which won't be frightfully expensive, but it's an added step.
Today the lesson seems frightfully similar for a nation that has supposedly progressed and experienced a cultural and educational awakening.
For the last 18 months, we've all been living in "interesting times"--often frightfully so.