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He represented himself as a "nervous" character, who loses self-possession in scenes that require action, and is overwhelmed with a debilitating frightfulness or strong passions: "my heart palpitates, and my fibres tremble; the spring of mental action is suspended.
As sci-fi artist Frank Paul phrased it, "One of the things I enjoy about the yarns I illustrated is the ingenious way they go from fact to frightfulness without a struggle.
constructive phantasies is in line with the extreme frightfulness of
These things were said lightly so as in some way to mitigate their frightfulness.
Writing about the demon roles in Noh drama, a performance specialty of the Yamato School, Zeami maintained that "[t]he essence of such roles lies in forcefulness and frightfulness.
My description of the scene at [Jagbel] does not; [sic] I fear, convey a true idea of the hideousness of the crime; its frightfulness and barbarity could not be exceeded.
While Sebald never backs away from the frightfulness of the events themselves, he is pitiless when it comes to the matter of the collective incoherence and silence about the subject in his birthplace.