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Rich in Kukui Nut Oil and Vitamins A, C, and E, this natural leave-in conditioner helps hair to regain lost moisture due to frigid weather and protect against split ends and environmental aggressors.
In such frigid water, a swimmer could quickly develop a dangerous condition called hypothermia.
Customers also should be aware that although their heating systems may be working properly, the frigid temperatures are making it difficult to maintain the same thermostat setting.
The Frigid Woman's condition was treated with respectful attention in such Age of Aquarius texts as G.
Researchers have drilled holes through ice shelves and dropped instruments into the frigid water beneath, but even that's been done at fewer than 20 sites in Antarctica in the past half-century, says Keith W.
The penguins launch headfirst off a pancake-shaped slab of ice and into the frigid Southern Ocean below.
Thunder Bay -- Twin Otter planes are made to fly in frigid weather, but when South Pole meteorologists report an average of -60 to -85 degrees Fahrenheit, maintenance, repair and mechanic crew know they are pushing the limits.
Hurricanes were the largest source of insured loss in the United States in 2004, followed by an extended period of thunderstorm activity and a frigid January in the Northeast.
It'll be tough for Detroit, with the threat of frigid weather, the stigma of a disappointing Super Bowl in suburban Pontiac 23 years ago, and the fact that the city, which has lost more than half its population since the '50s, is flirting with receivership.
The frigid temperatures of Kansas did not deter students from the MTNA West Central Division competitions January 14-16 at the University of Kansas in Lawrence.
Because of the composure and quick thinking of this officer, two lives were saved from certain drowning in frigid water.
If the synthetic fur ruff gets wet and matted, it can't keep frigid winter wind away from your face.