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Mesmerism has been used by one practitioner in Australia mainly for adult issues or concerns, such as for instant erections in men, ultimate orgasms in women, increase in sex drive, overcoming frigidity, and even breast enlargement.
Your inability to enjoy s3x could be as a result of your frigidity which again could be a consequence of a strict religious or moral up bringing where s3x has been strongly attached to sin.
Foreign laboratories like Shering and Organon advertised their hormone-based preparations (Testoviron, Proginon, Proluton, Menstrogen, Neutrotes Mixogen, Adreson), indicated for the menopausal syndrome, frigidity, osteoporosis, prostatic hypertrophy, chest pain, arterial spasms, and so on.
While projecting their own frigidity on Donna, male characters are all fanaticizing to be with her.
Citing the authors spotlighted as worth a further look by both sexes, Cornes focuses on seven American women novelists who, although born in the nineteenth century, explore problems universal to women anytime, anywhere, and in any circumstance--marriage, motherhood, frigidity, infidelity, rape, seduction, jealousy, suicide, income disparity, the double standard, and physical and psychological abuse.
Another key link between Christian and classical cosmologies of the self can be found in ancient astrological and medical texts, which rationalize the litany of Greco-Roman sexual traits--passivity in men, sexual aggression in women, effeminacy among youth, frigidity in females--through the alignment of the stars and bodily humors.
Loosely summarized, this opposes Woolf's supposed frigidity to Bell's sensuality, Woolf's mental instability to Bell's tranquillity, and Woolf's skill with words to Bell's painterly silence.
On the other hand if a person has low self-esteem he will have mental frigidity and experiences hopelessness nervousness and maladjustment .
This is a fine performance where a firmly-planted sense of what was correct leaves an outer shell of frigidity firmly in place.
Silence and emotional frigidity between couples and a disconnect between family members.
Some vital part of her has died: the repression of her instincts, the channeling of her creativity and love into meaningless acquisition and enforced togetherness, finds expression in sexual and emotional frigidity, (p.
Finally in the small operas, the costumes are old and the whole performance of terrible frigidity.