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Here, from the perspective of cold, wet and frigidly windy January days, these threats seem extremely unlikely, if not impossible.
He had hoped to be assigned to coveted spaceship duty; instead he's headed to an obscure, and frigidly cold, outpost where he's to be the weatherman
Icons are especially conspicuous compelling objects, usually a one liner subset of them; and the current boring parade of frigidly minimalist boxes that defy relaxed habitation are timidly conformist.
The team from Texas, the fearsome Dallas Cowboys, stood frigidly on the sidelines of the football field and, according to Green Bay Packer fullback Chuck Mercein, "looked like earthmen on Mars.
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" went first to Brando and Beatty, not Newman and Redford, who turned out to be perfect for their roles (the chemistry between Brando and Beatty probably would have been frigidly nonexistent).
Cynthia Makris is a fabulous Turandot, obviously desirable but frigidly imperious, and vocally commanding, every syllable intelligible even in the highest reaches of what is an enthralling Riddle Scene.
Nor is there much pleasure in spending eight hours a day in an over-heated or frigidly air-conditioned office.
that many members of its city police department abandoned Native people the outskirts of on town,' sometimes in frigidly cold weather, and they have been doing so for at least 27 years without anyone saying a word.
Such women necessarily write bad memoirs, for which he has a list of colorful descriptions, including "scandalous memoirs," "sordid and overdrawn autobiographies" and "rather frigidly sentimental chronicles of erotic adventures.
The language is unadorned and guttural, reflecting the landscape in which it takes place--stark, bleak, endless, windy as hell, hot like a furnace or frigidly cold.