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The features in the scenery of the Andes which struck me most, as contrasted with the other mountain chains with which I am acquainted, were, -- the flat fringes sometimes expanding into narrow plains on each side of the valleys, -- the bright colours, chiefly red and purple, of the utterly bare and precipitous hills of porphyry, the grand and continuous wall-like dykes, -- the plainly- divided strata which, where nearly vertical, formed the picturesque and wild central pinnacles, but where less inclined, composed the great massive mountains on the outskirts of the range, -- and lastly, the smooth conical piles of fine and brightly coloured detritus, which sloped up at a high angle from the base of the mountains, sometimes to a height of more than 2000 feet.
Suddenly, however, a pair of arms closed round his neck, and glancing backwards he caught a glimpse of the black coarse fringe of the woman whom he had befriended, "I've got him
My sweet bird," said Sir Nigel, "I am right loth to part from you, but we are now at the fringe of the forest, and it is not right that I should take the chatelaine too far from her trust.
I would like much to see the fringes of the Jordan in spring-time, and Shechem, Esdraelon, Ajalon and the borders of Galilee--but even then these spots would seem mere toy gardens set at wide intervals in the waste of a limitless desolation.
Elgin Fringe Festival and Side Street Studio Arts present "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly," a one-night-only tribute to Valentine's Day featuring David Boyle, Captain Ambivalent and William Pack.
30pm 19 Moffat Jazz and Blues Club presents The Strumsum Blues Band,The Buccleuch Arms Hotel, Moffat, 8-11pm 19 BBS Fringe The Festive Club, The Globe Inn, Dumfries, 10-1.
FREE tickets and transport to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe will be handed out to mark the inaugural world Fringe Day.
IDetermined not to give up, they decided to perform on the fringes of the festival anyway, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival was born.
In a huge cultural boost for South Australias second largest city, Mount Gambier will have its own Fringe Festival in 2017.
Heart-shaped faces suit all fringe styles,' says Jake.
AFTER the huge success of the first-ever Fringe Manila last February, the organizers are now calling for artists and venues to register and join Fringe, the world's largest arts festival, in Manila next year.
It's August, which means that it's time for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival