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The features in the scenery of the Andes which struck me most, as contrasted with the other mountain chains with which I am acquainted, were, -- the flat fringes sometimes expanding into narrow plains on each side of the valleys, -- the bright colours, chiefly red and purple, of the utterly bare and precipitous hills of porphyry, the grand and continuous wall-like dykes, -- the plainly- divided strata which, where nearly vertical, formed the picturesque and wild central pinnacles, but where less inclined, composed the great massive mountains on the outskirts of the range, -- and lastly, the smooth conical piles of fine and brightly coloured detritus, which sloped up at a high angle from the base of the mountains, sometimes to a height of more than 2000 feet.
Suddenly, however, a pair of arms closed round his neck, and glancing backwards he caught a glimpse of the black coarse fringe of the woman whom he had befriended, "I've got him
My sweet bird," said Sir Nigel, "I am right loth to part from you, but we are now at the fringe of the forest, and it is not right that I should take the chatelaine too far from her trust.
Finally Governor Belcher gave the chair a cushion of blue damask, with a rich golden fringe.
IDetermined not to give up, they decided to perform on the fringes of the festival anyway, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival was born.
Fringes are a flattering choice this winter, and we've got top advice to help you find, and keep, your new style RULE 1: Look at your face shape.
Fringes only veer from stylish to suburban school run when the bulk of the fringe is too wide and begins curling round like a bowl, says Jordan.
Babiak's comments here reflect Willems-Braun's observation that audiences experience the Fringe as a form of fetishized difference, marked out through sensory reception: "the fringes are felt, heard, smelled, and most pervasively seen" (92).
The finished length of the sash should result in the bottoms of the fringes ending between mid-calf and the ankle.
Fringes can take years off you and they look sexy, explaining why everyone from Michelle Obama to Taylor Swift has been getting the chop.
FRINGES continue to be a big fashion statement this season.
Fringes are one of the hottest hair looks right now and a great way of updating a style without losing length.