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He was barely fringy defensively at third, but has the tools to be plus at first.
Sure; some truly radical fringy types calling themselves "militiamen" have given it a bad name, but about in the same numbers and percentages as people who rent moving vans have used them to transport illegal explosives.
Despite intermittent rehabilitations, including a cover feature in this magazine a couple years ago, Op remains fringy stuff, having never totally recovered from pans like Max Kozloff's, in a 1965 issue of The Nation, in which he claimed Op reduced viewers to "a helpless scoreboard of sensations.
Joan was a loner, introspective and prayerful--technically a "devout Catholic" but touched by an esoteric and fringy brand of Christianity that crept across the region.
But Barr, who also is running for the Libs' presidential nod this year, and whom the libertarian Reason magazine reckoned "can capture some of the Ron Paul mojo and avoid the fringy appearance of the [2004 Libertarian presidential candidate Michael] Badnarik campaign," does have the advantage of having served in Congress in this century.
The nameless narrator is something of a beatnik, with his slouchy turtleneck shirt, fringy hair and complete self-confidence.
I think anything a little fringy like Westchester, Connecticut, Long Island and to a lesser extent Brooklyn, Queens and Jersey City overbuilt.
I must admit, though, that at the time I thought the theology and the ideology so bizarre and fringy that I couldn't imagine it taking hold in any significant way.