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A term used in Criminal Law to refer to the superficial running of the hands over the body of an individual by a law enforcement agent or official in order to determine whether such individual is holding an illegal object, such as a weapon or narcotics. A frisk is distinguishable from a search, which is a more extensive examination of an individual.


Stop and Frisk.


v. quickly patting down the clothes of a possible criminal suspect to determine if there is a concealed weapon. This police action is generally considered legal (constitutional) without a search warrant. Generally it is preferred that women officers frisk women and men officers frisk men.


verb check, conduct a search, examine, examine closely, examine intently, explore, hunt, hunt through, investigate, lascivire, look into, look over, look through, peer into, poke into, probe, pry into, rake through, review, salire, scan, scour, scrutinize, search one's pockets, search through, seek, subject to scrutiny
Associated concepts: reasonable belief that safety requires a patting down, search, stop and frisk
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Based on information made publicly available by the CPD, and recently publicized by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Illinois, hundreds of thousands of people are stopped or stopped and frisked each year by the CPD without reasonable, articulable suspicion of criminal conduct.
The security routine involves the people assembling at the local police station where they are frisked, issued special passes and ferried to the complex and brought back.
Barricades have been erected at entrance points of Srinagar, where the vehicles coming from other districts are being frisked thoroughly.
13 ( ANI ): Approximately 90 percent of New Yorkers who were stopped and frisked between 2010 and 2012 were 'totally innocent,' New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) has said.
This settlement finally clears the names of hundreds of thousands of people whose only crime was that they were stopped and frisked by NYPD officers,'' she said.
The dissent countered that the majority mistakenly, and somewhat cavalierly, decided that House did not pose a threat at the time he was frisked.
Frisking lawyers Since Saturday onwards, the lawyers are being frisked and are not being allowed to carry cellphones and handbags inside the court.
However, so far lawyers were exempted from being frisked while entering a courtroom while all other visitors were frisked before being allowed inside.
While it is critical to hear the victims' stories of being stopped and frisked for no apparent reason, it is time to hear from the police officers who do these stops; to call them to answer, under oath, about how many stops-and-frisks they performed and on what basis they conducted them.
80-year-old Kalam was frisked in New York on September 29 before boarding an Air India flight.
former-President APJ Abdul Kalam being frisked by US security authorities at
I am of the opinion that the way we are frisked - for example I too was frisked - we should also do the same to them," Ambika Soni, the information and broadcasting minister, said.