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A term used in Criminal Law to refer to the superficial running of the hands over the body of an individual by a law enforcement agent or official in order to determine whether such individual is holding an illegal object, such as a weapon or narcotics. A frisk is distinguishable from a search, which is a more extensive examination of an individual.


Stop and Frisk.


v. quickly patting down the clothes of a possible criminal suspect to determine if there is a concealed weapon. This police action is generally considered legal (constitutional) without a search warrant. Generally it is preferred that women officers frisk women and men officers frisk men.


verb check, conduct a search, examine, examine closely, examine intently, explore, hunt, hunt through, investigate, lascivire, look into, look over, look through, peer into, poke into, probe, pry into, rake through, review, salire, scan, scour, scrutinize, search one's pockets, search through, seek, subject to scrutiny
Associated concepts: reasonable belief that safety requires a patting down, search, stop and frisk
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PK - News), a leading provider of non-lethal defense and homeland security solutions to corrections, law enforcement and the security industry, announced today that one of its distributors, Aspen Enterprises, has won a bid to deliver Frisker Pro metal detectors to a New York state sheriff's department.
17 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Paradigm Tactical Products , a leading provider of non-lethal defense and homeland security solutions to corrections, law enforcement and the security industries, announced today that it is initiating a marketing plan to equip potentially hundreds of security personnel at up to 32 professional football stadiums with the Company's patented Frisker Pro(R) hand worn metal detector.
We anticipate this in-person exposure will be beneficial to the Company by potentially influencing purchase decisions, providing immediate feedback to aid in our planned upgrade and enhancements to the Frisker Pro, and building brand awareness through peer-to-peer recommendations both during and after the show.
These enhancements will allow even greater application of the Frisker Pro's patented technology to potential non security industry markets that may include schools or live performance venues.
The Company has sold over 2,000 Frisker Pro hand worn metal detectors and the FriskerPro is currently being used or tested by 13 Federal departments and agencies, six state law enforcement and correctional agencies and eight local agencies.
com/), an international corrections, law enforcement and military supplier of their unique FRISKER PRO(R) Hand Worn Metal detector, recently attained the "Top Spot" among 84 corrections related technologies and services (according to the August 2003 issue of Popular Science Magazine, page 79).
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