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Episode two is a more leisurely affair, beginning a decade later, where her reign is a secure and popular one, and with less to worry about, she's prone to not concealing her friskiness - with Robert Devereux, the earl of Essex and Dudley's stepson.
Amato brings a smart and flirty friskiness to her encounters with Jack (Waterston's Jack is a little on the prissy side).
Fockers'' has its fair share of laughs, coasting on the dynamic between Hoffman's anything-goes friskiness and De Niro's scrunched-mouth indignation.
In Cockiness (Love It) she declares herself a dominatrix, gleefully bouncing around the padded cell of sexbeats, while Roc Me Out is a rodeo ride on a bucking bronco of synapsesnapping sonic manoeuvres and friskiness.
General friskiness aside, director Carroll offers an Illyria in which unrequited love really hurts.
2 at the Withdean, pressed into service because of Inigo Calderon's suspension, played with the friskiness of a puppy.
Lori Steinberg, picking up the director's baton from original helmer Taylor-Corbett, delivers a production with a choice blend of joy, friskiness and sass.
An extra friskiness - and the album title - comes from the influence of Jack's wife of two years, Bolton-bred model Karen Elson.
Still, Walsh's company handles the melancholy and the friskiness with equal dexterity.
Thereafter, Wor Gazza was overheating like an old banger's radiator and he assumed the properties of a prizefighter who couldn't deliver the knockout punch, but it would be unfair to apportion any blame for his declining friskiness on the brutality of Dundee beefcakes.