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Legend has it that an African goat herder noticed that the friskiness of his goats increased when they ate red berries of a certain bush.
You women might crave frisky adventures with slender,fit and highlighted David Beckhams or Brad Pitts,but -I can assure you -that once the friskiness is over, it's the Gordon Browns amongst us that will keep you entertained with our wit, repartee, sense of fun and comedy builder's cleavage until we prematurely pop our clogs and leave you free to hunt yourselves a toy boy.
Surely the pensioner's love of a good biscuit, combined with their well- documented friskiness, could at last provide the sure-fire chemistry for a Lottery show that the whole family could enjoy together.
For the first two-and-a-half years, I was generally well behaved - just the occasional kiss or friskiness with other women when away with my mates, but I never went "all the way" with any of them.
Moss-Bachrach contributes a nice accent of friskiness.
After all spring is the season of new life, fertility and general friskiness.
CONSUMED with premature spring-like friskiness, Kristina is considering making a booty call to her on-off (mostly off) boyfriend.