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A term used in Criminal Law to refer to the superficial running of the hands over the body of an individual by a law enforcement agent or official in order to determine whether such individual is holding an illegal object, such as a weapon or narcotics. A frisk is distinguishable from a search, which is a more extensive examination of an individual.


Stop and Frisk.

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v. quickly patting down the clothes of a possible criminal suspect to determine if there is a concealed weapon. This police action is generally considered legal (constitutional) without a search warrant. Generally it is preferred that women officers frisk women and men officers frisk men.

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From last many days, forces are conducting late night frisking at Lal Chowk, the hub of Srinagar city.
An eyewitness told media that joint teams of Indian police and paramilitary Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) are stopping passenger vehicles and asking the commuters to step out and line up for frisking and searches.
I told them I would cooperate with them in frisking provided they let a female officer carry out the procedure.
He felt that frisking lawyers would be like belittling them.
While the frequency with which 'frisking' forms a part of field interrogation practice varies ...
This spring, the Supreme Court decided two cases relating in different ways to frisks: whether squeezing ("frisking"?) a suitcase constituted a search (Bond v.
The opinion of the Court delivered by Justice Ginsburg held that an anonymous tip of a person carrying a gun is not, without more information, sufficient to justify police officers stopping and frisking that person.
Claims that customs' searches are racially prompted are not new, and almost 100 black women in Chicago have filed a class- action lawsuit against the US Customs Service claiming they were singled out for frisking because of their race and gender and there are also lawsuits pending in several other US cities.
That decision, however, must not be interpreted by the police as a green light for indiscriminate, arbitrary stopping and frisking, or for any other unworthy purpose.
ISLAMABAD -- In occupied Kashmir, ahead of August 15, the India's Independence Day, the number of forces' personnel patrolling every nook and corner of Kashmir has increased manifold with intensified frisking.
CONGRESS President Sonia Gandhi's son- in- law Robert Vadra, who is in the elite no frisking list at the domestic airports, once again pressed the government to stop extending the favour to him.
In Srinagar, barricades and checkpoints have been set up at various places including Sonawar, TRC, Dalgate, Khanyar, Soura, Eidgah, Budshah Bridge, Batamaloo, Qamarwari, Bemina, Hyderpora, Barzulla and Rambagh while Indian troops and police personnel could be seen frisking pedestrians and vehicles.