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A term used in Criminal Law to refer to the superficial running of the hands over the body of an individual by a law enforcement agent or official in order to determine whether such individual is holding an illegal object, such as a weapon or narcotics. A frisk is distinguishable from a search, which is a more extensive examination of an individual.


Stop and Frisk.

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v. quickly patting down the clothes of a possible criminal suspect to determine if there is a concealed weapon. This police action is generally considered legal (constitutional) without a search warrant. Generally it is preferred that women officers frisk women and men officers frisk men.

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It only made him more frisky. He barked and jumped about her skirt in his usual, idiotic, high spirits.
The professional dancer got frisky in bed with the Irish beauty in last night's show, and the scenes were so saucy they came with a "sexual content" warning.
Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani were not seen kissing and getting "frisky" while house hunting in California.
The event caters for dogs eliminated from the first two rounds and the leading players are Droopys Davy, Borna Gin, Skywalker Rafa, Buckos Dream and Frisky Luck.
Two 'frisky' hedgehogs were rescued after they got stuck in a cattle grid.
And with the zoo's pair of vampire crabs, Janet and John, also reluctant about getting frisky, keepers introduce larger male Claude to shake things up and increase the odds of Janet getting pregnant.
Daisy with a sore ear - much better after last week's treatment - Molly and Holly the labradors with their recurrent anal gland problems, and then a frisky ferret for his usual hormone jab.
GrA[c]goire Mabire's illustrations follow the frantic wolf as he jumps into books at random -- while dodging a frisky cat -- and teams up with a familiar-looking girl in a red cape, both of them hoping for a happily ever after.
FRISKY Irish couples are more adventurous in the bedroom than the rest of the world.
A BENNY Hill-style "frisky fun run" due to take place in a Cardiff park this weekend has been cancelled after it was slammed on social media for being "sexist".
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