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He provided the fastest heat winner in Frisky Luck, who blitzed the field in the concluding qualifier.
com, adds sites like Celebuzz, The Frisky and The Superficial to the company's portfolio of properties.
The barkada ended up including the likes of young and frisky stellar comers like Fernando Poe Jr.
As Michael admits that his recent collapse was brought on by a rather frisky moment with Eileen, how will Gail react?
Gail takes |it badly when she finds out Michael had a frisky moment with Eileen
EAll seems to go well between the couple, until they decide that in future, honesty will be the best policy for them both - prompting Michael to admit his recent heart scare was caused by getting frisky with Eileen.
30-2pm: Espirito do Brasil at The Coffee Yard; 6-8pm: The Mark Braidner Band at The Frisky Bear; Tony & Rhiannah at Johnny the Jig, Vinty & Neil at Holywood Football Club, Max & Nadia at Holywood Social Club; 7pm Doghouse Ska supported by The Pogoes at the Holywood Rugby Club marquee; 7.
If that place is Richard Carlisle and James Cockrell's The Frisky Biscuit in Canton, then you are right indeed
God, at that age, if you are not feeling frisky enough then you'll never be frisky" Entertainer Ken Dodd "'Retirement' is the rudest word in the dictionary.
Frisky & Mannish are purveyors of musical comedy, a cabaret double act ripping the mickey out of the world of pop.
ITV Superstar runner-up Rory Taylor plays Roger, while Atomic Kitten's Natasha Hamilton is frisky lesbian Maureen.
We always want to support them and show our love, support through our music," Joseph Dinji, vocalist, Frisky Pints Music band, Mizoram.