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Of minimal importance; legally worthless.

A frivolous suit is one without any legal merit. In some cases, such an action might be brought in bad faith for the purpose of harrassing the defendant. In such a case, the individual bringing the frivolous suit might be liable for damages for Malicious Prosecution.

A frivolous appeal is one that is completely lacking merit, since no review able question has been raised therein.


adj. referring to a legal move in a lawsuit clearly intended merely to harass, delay, or embarrass the opposition. Frivolous acts can include filing the lawsuit itself, a baseless motion for a legal ruling, an answer of a defendant to a complaint which does not deny, contest, prove, or controvert anything, or an appeal which contains not a single arguable basis (by any stretch of the imagination) for the appeal. A frivolous lawsuit, motion or appeal can result in a successful claim by the other party for payment by the frivolous suer of their attorneys fees for defending the case. Judges are reluctant to find an action frivolous, based on the desire not to discourage people from using the courts to resolve disputes.


adjective childish, flighty, flimsy, flippant, giddy, immaterial, inanis, insignificant, levis, light, meaningless, minor, nugax, of little weight, of no account, paltry, petty, senseless, shallow, silly, slight, trifling, trivial, unimportant, unserious, unworthy of serious notice, worthless
Associated concepts: frivolous answer, frivolous appeal, frivvlous cause of action, frivolous claims, frivolous pleading
See also: capricious, inconsequential, irresolute, irresponsible, jocular, nonessential, nugatory, petty, superficial, trivial, undependable, untrustworthy
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Because the Mine Act does not define "not frivolously brought," courts have been left to define the standard on their own.
We may frivolously consider that we may faithfully --''
It is true that some spend their allowances frivolously, but that is not the case with everybody.
I couldn't help thinking that the lepidopterans are every bit as frivolously wasteful and decadent as the lifestyle of the Prince Regent, which, I suppose, means they make a point of a sort.
Only since World War II have we used fossil fuels frivolously, she said, pointing to leaf blowers and treadmills as the devices she finds most preposterous.
To me, this represents another victory and vindication in the lawsuit that was frivolously filed against me only, and later dropped, by Strong Schools Eugene," Callahan said in a statement.
The chart-topping singer reckons the region's output is treated frivolously by the music-buying public and wants to change perceptions.
I AM not one to write to newspapers frivolously but I was extremely moved by Alastair Down's - I was going to say 'laudable' - tribute to Lord Oaksey.
I would really just say (to victims) you have to turn it around and you can't admire the people who are able to say nasty things so frivolously.
Never forget that handwriting is a person's unique identity, and this needs to be nurtured with care and not treated as frivolously as typing.
From his first moment on stage he's got the frivolously jaunty air of a man who knows he's about to absolutely blow the roof off the place.
JEWELLERY designer Yazbukey has teamed up with beauty giant Shu Uemura to create this frivolously fun and irreverently chic collection, perfect for spring/summer 2015.