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However, it does highlight a key issue that if you live frugally and save for the future while paying into the system you'll get nothing out of the system until all your own money is gone, whereas if you live frivolously and do not save any money for the future you will get PS15,000 in benefits!
MSHA can and will file a request for temporary reinstatement before an investigation is complete if it thinks, preliminarily, that a complaint was not "frivolously brought." Temporary reinstatement puts the miner back into his old position with regular pay while MSHA completes its investigation.
From his first moment on stage he's got the frivolously jaunty air of a man who knows he's about to absolutely blow the roof off the place.
He asks us to remember the poor and vulnerable, and to change our actions so that we don't negatively affect them through living frivolously.
PARIS-BASED jewellery designer Yazbukey has teamed up with beauty giant Shu Uemura to create a frivolously fun and irreverently chic collection featuring cute facesdand slogans.Perfect for spring/summer it is on counters now priced from PS4.50.
JEWELLERY designer Yazbukey has teamed up with beauty giant Shu Uemura to create this frivolously fun and irreverently chic collection, perfect for spring/summer 2015.
The space agency is crazy not just because it's taking on such a wacko project, but because it couldn't pick a worse time to frivolously waste limited and irreplaceable resources." In an e-mail, Don Griffiths wondered if the agency still has the right stuff to put people in space.
"We may frivolously consider that we may faithfully --''
Extortionate because so much of it is squandered, badly managed, frivolously spent and massively wasted by successive governments.
"Innovation" is one of those buzzwords that gets frivolously tossed around by businesses in every industry--yet not everyone is willing or able to practice what they preach.
The series presented Yemenis as a group of militants who spearhead terror cells and behave stupidly and frivolously.