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Of minimal importance; legally worthless.

A frivolous suit is one without any legal merit. In some cases, such an action might be brought in bad faith for the purpose of harrassing the defendant. In such a case, the individual bringing the frivolous suit might be liable for damages for Malicious Prosecution.

A frivolous appeal is one that is completely lacking merit, since no review able question has been raised therein.

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adj. referring to a legal move in a lawsuit clearly intended merely to harass, delay, or embarrass the opposition. Frivolous acts can include filing the lawsuit itself, a baseless motion for a legal ruling, an answer of a defendant to a complaint which does not deny, contest, prove, or controvert anything, or an appeal which contains not a single arguable basis (by any stretch of the imagination) for the appeal. A frivolous lawsuit, motion or appeal can result in a successful claim by the other party for payment by the frivolous suer of their attorneys fees for defending the case. Judges are reluctant to find an action frivolous, based on the desire not to discourage people from using the courts to resolve disputes.

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For shareholders, apart from the logistical challenge in coordinating shareholders to determine frivolousness and the reasonableness of fees, there is also the challenge that shareholders may never be disinterested in cases of two-way fee shifting.
The perceived frivolousness of interactive entertainment notwithstanding, I suggest that the interactive culture encouraged by reality television formats serves as a possible template for the future of virtual democratic processes.
are very and look on all kinds of We We there is in kind of in jazz, "We had wonderful teachers (at Yehudi Menuhin) who encouraged us in our madness, in our frivolousness in trying to do different things."
More importantly, however, independent contractors would be experts who understand the smartphone and mobile device industries and could make judgments on novelty and obviousness and the general frivolousness of a patent from the perspective of someone who is familiar with the technologies of the industry.
In a very interesting essay, Takanori Sai examined two impediments to foreign appreciation of Waugh: Englishness and frivolousness. Conditions in Waugh's novels nevertheless seemed "surprisingly similar" to those in Japan in 1998 (Usui "Abstracts 1991-1998," "Abstracts 1998-2010," "Abstracts 1960-2006").
The frivolousness of play was deliberately used to allow group members to temporarily let go of prestige and correctness.
To put it lightly, all these create a sense of frivolousness.
The striking thing about most of the falsifiers of metals and of persons punished in the last of the ten bolge is the frivolousness of their characters.
Need one comment on the frivolousness of a contest where winning of the toss is of more importance than the form of your players!
In the latter part of the play, the heroine falls into an argument with Qinlan for his frivolousness in love and she decides to end their relationship and start a new life by travelling to other countries.
As powerful as is the satiric realism directed at the frivolousness of his life, Ivan's death, as the culmination of this satire on his life, makes such a resolution both thematically consistent and credible.
* I was so excited to read about this family because sometimes I thought my husband and I were the only people balking at the frivolousness of so much technology.