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How would you describe your look from head to foot? Hair by Sweeney Todds at Robert Calvin, shirt Top Man, belt and jeans All Saints and pumps from Casual Wear
You are either trampling in mud or getting covered in dust from head to foot.
Even better is the flowering cherry, Prunus Amanogawa (top right), which produces a stick-like tree clothed from head to foot with pink blossom during April and May.
"He came back aching from head to foot, and I am wondering how much it has done to his Achilles tendons, which have always given him problems," said Redknapp.
YOUR beauty regime should be carried through from head to foot so to help keep those tootsies looking their best Scholl offers the following tips:
The blonde-haired victim, in her 20s, died in Whiston hospital after staggering "burned from head to foot" to a house in Rainford begging for help.
Sitab Ullah left his threemonth-old daughter Samira with injuries and bruising from head to foot after claiming spirits were inside her.
It is reversible from head to foot for increased clinical efficacy.
She suffered burns from head to foot and was taken to Walsall Hospital where she later died.
Darius ended up covered in custard from head to foot."
Almost none give women the right to vote, and most subject them to sexist social customs, such as being covered from head to foot. Not even Jerry Falwell has stooped to that.