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Mindell gives the rundown on body power, from head to toe.
Their unique spring system, in both the mattress and the divan base, has springs running from head to toe to ensure no roll together and total support.
Robed from head to toe in black blankets, the fighters glided nobly around the stage (as though on motorized platforms), their sedate march gradually unfolding into a bravura display as the men and women exploded into action against the enemy, their torsos vibrating with the bursts of fire from their rifles.
People plodding in the snow, Wrapped up warm from head to toe, In hats, scarves, gloves and coats, And Wellington boots upon our feet, Leaving footprints in the snow.
Beyonce, who was dripping in precious metals and jewels from head to toe, wore a long Grecian-inspired bronzed Touch of Couture gown (her mom's design) gathered at both the front and back.
A DAD killed his adopted son by wrapping him from head to toe in duct tape.
Speaking of which, the film opens with striking images of a protest march in which the participants are already covered from head to toe in the garments of their persecution.