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Singh and his wife have been running from pillar to post to get an FIR registered after being duped of their life savings
Ashraf, who is running from pillar to post for the revival, remained optimistic.
While the state government is planning to make yoga part of school curriculum in Haryana schools, people like Jasbir are running from pillar to post to get a job.
He further said that they went from pillar to post to trace the victim but to no avail.
Imran Khan went from pillar to post to probe alleged vote rigging, he added.
He said They want the Baba (referring to himself) to run from pillar to post for possession of his plot and will get one after his death.
They pass you from pillar to post and are accountable to no one.
THE British car industry has been knocked from pillar to post for decades.
He was STILL man enough to face the media and put his dream move to Celtic in doubt by saying he was p***d off at playing while everyone was pulling him from pillar to post.
While many 'amateur film makers' ran from pillar to post to complete their film within the time frame given by the organisers, one 'Smart Alec' submitted an old film and took away the awards.
The Wenvoe Castle golfer, who did not take up the game until his impressive football career finished, led from pillar to post.
JAMES Hook settled the socalled grudge match by kicking the Cardiff Blues from pillar to post.