from the river

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How long she hung there she never knew, but finally a little strength returned to her, and presently she realized that it was a pendant creeper hanging low from a jungle tree upon the bank that had saved her from the river's rapacious maw.
When asked by this writer where it came from, the vendor quickly said: 'From the river. Look at it, it's fresh,' he added.
Drilon, with P40 million in assistance from the Department of Agriculture, also had the old Molo Slaughterhouse shut down and a modern one constructed away from the river.
According to Juergen Salay of the University of Uppsala's Department of Economic History, the Soviets planned to "draw water from the river Ob and its tributary Irtysh and send it southward" to replenish the Aral Sea.
About two-dozen dams also hold sediment back from the river and its tributaries.
However, preliminary results indicate that at many sites--especially those near the dam--the flood apparently scoured sediment from the river channel and redeposited it along the riverbanks, just as scientists had predicted.
Romania's Cernavoda Nulcear Power Plant, which draws coolant from the river, was forced to shut down for nearly a month, and for several days in early September, illegal immigrants were spotted wading from Bulgaria to Romania across the shrunken Danube.
As a result, Syria, the middle riparian on the Euphrates, bases its strongest claims on the principle of equity, for not only does it need water from the river for a major portion of its irrigated agriculture, but also faces severe domestic water shorta ges.
Away from the river front, the yellow-framed silhouette of Bankside Lofts, completed earlier this year, towers over the Tate Bankside Gallery (due to be finished in May 2000); and at Atlas Works in Millwall an extraordinary collection of decagonal towers containing 150 flats has been given planning permission.
In experiments, methylmercury concentrations rose more in leaf litter decaying in water collected from the river than in litter in the laboratory's distilled water.
Not long after the spill, 100 tons of dead fish were swept from the river's polluted surface.