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It is every adoptive parent's responsibility to tell a child they are adopted from the word go.
He said: "We were delighted with how the day went, the pace was exceptional from the word go and it was incredibly pleasing to not only compete alongside a quality field but to be able to challenge these guys as well.
The Tucson, Arizona, singer/guitarist - performing in his trademark spacesuit variant - will surely fire-up the crowd from the word go, the mellifluous and articulate Polwart is more likely to seduce the crowd with her low-key charm.
The pressure is on for the nervy hopefuls from the word go in the second helping of the show, which sees the performers given the task of putting together a performance that touches on the theme of individuality.
Former Huddersfield coach Smith said: "I was really pleased with the effort put in by the boys, it was outstanding and they had to overcome a lot from the word go and they handled it very well.
She took to Inglis Drever straight away and from the word go he was a very confident child.
The play-off chasing visitors were up against it from the word go after seeing Tommy Wright sent off and going a goal down inside three minutes.
Beating England was great, but our performances can still get better and we have said that right from the word go.
Playing debut release Through The Glass as the opening song worked in their favour as its anthemic qualities grabbed the crowd from the word go, with Will South's pleading vocals perfectly complementing his heartfelt lyrics.