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The Doors Depot is happy to state that today in the front door manufacturing industry, there are brands that are worth attention.
A plastic dust sheet for your porch or hall - if someone opens your back door while the front door is open, you'll pull a dust cloud through the house.
1 A new front door is a game changer "Your front door is the face of your home - it's the first thing people see, so don't follow the crowd, design your own look and really go to town," urges the architect, presenter of Channel 4's George Clarke's Amazing Spaces and ambassador for composite door brand, Truedor.
Popping up again at the end of the following month he installed a kitchen and hung a front door.
Aside from purchasing a unique front door or repainting the door they already have, customers can spruce up the front entrance to a home as a seasonal project you can supply products for.
10am on Wednesday, April 30, when thieves got into a house in Jubilee Court in Bensham, Gateshead, through the unlocked front door.
Why not take time to think about what difference a simple door, when it is smart, bright and stylish, can make to your home - and what you can do if, on closer inspection, your front door is not smart or bright or stylish.
Since then, Williamson has tried to bring the house back to life, most notably by boosting its mood with a sun-kissed yellow front door.
Owner Hannah Smith said she discovered her pet's talent when she let him out of the front door downstairs, only for him to reappear indoors moments later.
Veronica and Donald Martin were fast asleep when officers smashed down their front door, and caused thousands of pounds of damage by kicking in other doors within the house.