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And snatching a chance piece of billiard chalk from his pocket, he ran it across the hall floor, half-way between the front door and the staircase, to mark the line of the footlights.
The monkey's face, distorted with passion, appeared at an upper window of the house, and a starred hole in the stained-glass window to the left of 'the front door showed the first steps of his upward path.
Olsen out to look after Bert, and Maggie Donahue went to answer a knock at the front door.
Toto was well acquainted with the residence of the Tin Woodman and, being assured a joyful welcome, he ran ahead and barked so loudly at the front door that the Tin Woodman heard him and came out in person to see if it were really his old friend Toto.
He wrote "HORSES" over the front door, "COWS" over the side door, and "SHEEP" on the kitchen door.
Our front door opens right into the garden, but there is another entrance--a little gate hung between two firs.
He darted into the front door of a convenient saloon and a moment later came out into the shadows that surrounded the side door.
Carelessly opening the front door, which to his surprise was not locked, the sheriff was amazed to see, lying on the floor of the passage into which it opened, a confused heap of men's apparel.
It didn't have an iron latch on the front door, nor a wooden one with a buckskin string, but a brass knob to turn, the same as houses in town.
These, having their backs on the hills, must look, of course, to the centre of the plain, which is just sixty yards from the front door of each dwelling.
Just as they reached the porch the front door opened and a little girl stood before them.
When Louise Trunnion came out of the front door of her house she still wore the gingham dress in which she had been washing dishes.