front position

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Miles Storey is up there in that front position right now and playing well.
Frodeno took the front position in the final few miles and entered the run course with a 30-second lead.
The company has been at the front position of innovations in emergency response and rescue vessel (ERRV) services, together with in formulating vessel sharing arrangements which have been adopted by a number of oil and gas operators to streamline provision - a process that is at present recognised in industry guidelines.
Signal and identification lights such as front position parking lamps, daytime running lamps, turn signals, tail lamps, brake lights, centre high mount stop lamp (CHMSL), emergency stop signal (ESS), and reverse lights are also provided in automobiles.
The Portugal striker is likely to get his first serious start and will be itching to get up and running in the manner rival for the front position Bafe Gomis did in this competition when the Frenchman scored the only goal against Rotherham at this stage last year, his first goal in his first start.
Whenever, the country needed the help especially for IDPs, rehabilitation, help for earthquake sufferers and floods or other emergency, Pakistan Amy had remained on front position, he added.
I wanted to take a front position but the start wasn't so good so I just rode him as hard as I could down the straight.
This talented runner held a front position from the start but she was out paced by a good ten metres towards the closing stages to bring her home in second place, 20 seconds ahead of the following athlete.
The directA[degrees]injection, 3855cc turbo eightA[degrees]cylinA[degrees]der is mounted very low in the chassis in a midA[degrees] front position and delivers 560cv at 7,500rpm, which translates into a specific power output of 145cv/l A[degrees] the highest in its category A[degrees]along with maximum torque of 755Nm.
Unfortunately, we were not able to improve our speed, our performance, and to fight for the good position, for the front position.
Bulgaria's capital, Sofia and the Black Sea cities of Varna and Burgas occupy front position in the EU ranking of cities with low unemployment, with Sofia scoring 1.

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