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The 53 Frontage Road property is a multi-storied, Class-A, headquarter-quality facility that offers extensive amenities and provides tenant's employees.
While the Simonsons and their customers could not turn directly offthe highway to the property after the construction, the court said there was still access to the property from the highway, via turning and deceleration lanes, to the frontage road.
But construction of a roundabout and parallel frontage road that allows existing residents to safely access their properties without turning in front of vehicles accessing the Marcola Meadows development would cost about $2.
Lunsford Bridges, president of Metropolitan, said the operation will be on Frontage Road in the building that previously housed Regions Bank.
After reconstruction, all vehicles had to enter the truck stop via a frontage road, which could only be accessed by an intersection north of the property.
Caltrans suggests motorists use the frontage road that parallels the freeway if traffic backs up.
The property is a 200,000 square-foot shopping center located at Frontage Road and Colman Street.
Go straight through light on frontage road and turn left at next light onto West Grand Avenue.
The Washington County Public Works Department is issuing this request for proposal (RFP) to provide project coordination and final design for the preferred alternate for the South Frontage Road Realignment Project (CSAH 26).
But a few residents say they don't like the frontage road idea at all.
Wells Street will be reduced to one lane from 51st Street to 63rd Street, with no parking along the frontage road.
Before the condemnation, the property was 96 feet from the frontage road and had a landscaped front yard and buffer zone.