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span lang="EN-US">"After extensive due diligence, we have concluded that SOKOTRA Capital brings to us a deep expertise and connectivity in frontier markets as well as a shared philosophy and approach that I believe will help us create a strong, lasting and growing partnership.
Katayama has a wealth of experience concerning frontier market debt opportunities and considers that there are much broader opportunities for value in international frontier markets.
Lebanon was among 11 frontier markets that received a "no major issues" rating in terms of market regulations and one of seven markets to get the same rating in terms of information flow.
The Frontier Markets Sentiment Index, created exclusively for the Wall Street Journal by Washington DC-based advisory firm Frontier Strategy Group, tracks the level of interest shown by major European and American multinational companies in countries across the world.
Frontier markets have indeed done well in the last two years, and some funds have prospered.
It's one of the characteristics of the Frontier Markets universe that it continues to evolve as economies develop, and one of the reasons it remains such an exciting asset class for investors, in our view.
Frontier markets were a more profitable place to invest in 2013 than emerging markets - a trend that is likely to continue into 2014, analysts say.
In Investing in Emerging and Frontier Markets, the book's editor Kamar Jaffer has brought together a practical compendium of unique perspectives from experts, market practitioners, academics, consultants, lawyers, accountants and regulatory authorities into the challenges and opportunities of investing in different emerging and frontier markets across a variety of business and industry sectors.
There are downside risks, though, as frontier markets are vulnerable to large price corrections during severe distress periods.
As a managing director of the Salamanca Group, the merchant bank and operational risk company, Gunning details the opportunities as well as the major hurdles in expanding into frontier markets and warzones.
Part of the appeal of frontier markets is their growing younger populations, which produce a "demographic dividend" that allows for competitive labor rates.

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