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Based on an early L'Amour short story entitled "Gift of Cochise," Hondo offered a remarkably sympathetic but unsentimental portrayal of American Indians, beginning with its title character--a half-Indian army scout who rides to the aid of a New Mexico frontierswoman and her son.
Oscar nominated for her regal yet human depiction of Elizabeth I in Elizabeth, she's also managed to add white trash American, tough frontierswoman, crusading Irish journalist and elf queen to her repertoire, effortlessly swinging between big Hollywood productions like The Gift and small independent productions like last year's Coffee And Cigarettes.
Cate had the opportunity to change that in The Missing, She plays Maggie, a frontierswoman eking out a living running a ranch and acting as doctor to the locals.
His mother, Hannah, was an austere, devout frontierswoman who never once visited her son in the White House.
In 1844, frontierswoman Marianne Gaillard compared her new life in Mississippi with her old one in South Carolina and concluded that "God brought us here to bring us down in the world" (p.
Birth of Annie frontierswoman Annie Oakley 1860: Born Phoebe Ann Mozee, she learned to shoot in the woods around the family home.