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A central theme of the method is that intangible assets are present when there are excess earnings, with these excess earnings representing a frothier (or less certain) level of earnings.
Soon Saturn will go direct, and with the arrival of the vivacious Venus in the most delightful of zones for fun and perhaps even frolics, a lighter and frothier vibe beckons.
This book is one of Bold Strokes' "Matinee" series, which are meant to be shorter and frothier, to be fair.
At his best, he combined that agenda with a frothier aesthetic: Running concurrently with Insurrection was Pinafore
Women swing their hips a little wider as they walk, men lengthen their stride and seem to fit their suits more suavely, smiles are broader, and pints are frothier.
One of Miss Christie's frothier concoctions, the play starts when the rather over-imaginative Clarissa, wife of a Foreign Office diplomat, wonders what might happen if she were one morning to find a dead body in the library - and promptly finds out.
Television presenter Sir Trevor McDonald once again brings his unique brand of un-risque humour to a show that celebrates the frothier end of the TV spectrum and is voted for solely by viewers.
THEN: Ten years ago, Darren Linder, a 1988 Sheldon High graduate, was among a group of 20-somethings who'd decided to leave Eugene for the frothier waters of Portland.
If you're looking for a lighter, frothier version of Tom Wolfe," says the Los Angeles Times, "Boomsday is your ticket.
By the 1960s, lager was making inroads into the British market, when it became popular as a lighter, frothier drink for women.