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When Japan's economy was at its frothiest, Gloucester bluefins could fetch $50 per pound at Tsukiji.
Producers of Ireland's frothiest soap, Ros na Run, are looking for three new actors to take part in the shenanigans in the little West of Ireland village.
County Music Center courtyard from the ultra-passionate "Romance," CTG's frothiest production of the last several seasons is gearing up.
Some of the nation's frothiest housing markets are at increasing risk of price declines, says a recent survey from PMI Mortgage Insurance Corp.
As a rule they care for no newspapers except the Sunday ones; what they want is the lightest and frothiest of chit-chatty information--bits of stories, bits of description, bits of scandal, bits of jokes, bits of statistics, bits of foolery.
Even leaving dead chaps out of it, the frothiest enthusiasm of TV burblers really shouldn't elevate excellence at messing about on the river above the four golds won by Jesse Owens, a black bloke in Naziland, at the 1936 Berlin Games.
Here he is, faced with the frothiest Republican presidential hopeful since Dan Quayle, and Gore can ignite no sparks, cannot even rise above his own fundraising scandals or apparently grasp wherein the scandal lies.