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Now, in the frothily charming Delicacy, Audrey Tautou struggles with her partner's death.
LOWDOWNTHE Pretty much the same thing happened in the frothily charming French flick Little White Lies.
The band's frothily lightweight repertoire embraces salsa, rumba and samba from Colombia, Cuba and Brazil.
It may not be the most profound play ever, but you're unlikely to have a more frothily enjoyable evening's theatre this side of Christmas.
Fill it, pull the lever and as that lever returns to its start position, it slowly pumps the soap into the shower-tube where it mixes with the water and arrives frothily at your skin, reports Wired News.
Nasty violence towards the end is as welcome as a shot of Bourbon in a cappuccino, preventing the thing from being frothily forgettable." JAKE KERRIDGE
As huggably enjoyable as it is frothily formulaic, this may not be a Working Title romcom but you'd be hard pressed to tell.