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Closely followed by fizzy frothiness streaming into a giddily clasped glass.
It's not the most ground-breaking of dramas but it does have a captivating mix of frothiness and darkness, with splashes of humour thrown in for good measure.
Weighing in at the opposite end of the scale is Letters To Juliet, a film almost rabid in its frothiness.
Since the highly leveraged buyers have been sidelined, the market has lost some of its frothiness," he explains.
I was almost nauseated by the frilly frothiness of Ms O'Reilly's column on April 28.
It's a familiar guy-meets-girl, guy-loses-girl, guy-wins-girl-back story that's no less enjoyable for its frothiness.
I love the frothiness of this coffee - it is creamy and looks great.
The latter, a lengthy number that sees its musical-like singsong interspersed with some interesting instrumental sections, is probably the highlight of the album although it's pushed all the way by Okie Dokie with its Golden Age of Rock'n'Roll-like intro and general early 70's frothiness.
There is nothing tutti-fruiti about this sparkling Shiraz; there is, however, wonderful tannin that makes a perfect foil for the mouth-tingling frothiness of this wine.