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They have the radiance, looseness, and transparency of a Tiepolo decorative scheme, as well as some of Tiepolo's frothiness, all of which serves as a useful reminder that the Venetian pyrotechnician was in Madrid, working for the Spanish crown, from 1762 until his death in 1770-almost exactly the same time that the young Goya spent there assisting Francisco Bayeu.
It's not the most ground-breaking of dramas but it does have a captivating mix of frothiness and darkness, with splashes of humour thrown in for good measure.
I love the frothiness of this coffee - it is creamy and looks great.
Since the highly leveraged buyers have been sidelined, the market has lost some of its frothiness," he explains.
The latter, a lengthy number that sees its musical-like singsong interspersed with some interesting instrumental sections, is probably the highlight of the album although it's pushed all the way by Okie Dokie with its Golden Age of Rock'n'Roll-like intro and general early 70's frothiness.
There is nothing tutti-fruiti about this sparkling Shiraz; there is, however, wonderful tannin that makes a perfect foil for the mouth-tingling frothiness of this wine.
Our tester reports that although the products look showy, the effect is more medicinal and one of "doing good" without any over-powering perfume or frothiness.
And while rice has a positive frothiness, steamed veggies emerge fresh and crisp.
2 /PRNewswire/ -- More than 110 years after the ice- cream float was first consumed, A&W and Sunkist Floats are being introduced to recreate all the rich creamy frothiness of a real ice cream float in a bottle.
However, the frothiness had gone flat for pub company Greene King, which slipped 0.
Never use human toothpastes as dogs and cats dislike the flavour and the frothiness.
First, the market is driven by low interest rates and that is creating the frothiness that people are mistaking for a "bubble.