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The frothy head remained intact and the smooth drink had a full-on chocolate flavour and tasted milky even though it was made with water.
Investigations are ongoing after the river running through Jesmond Dene in Newcastle appeared to have turned frothy yesterday.
It's a spin on the classic cocktail and we've added egg whites to make it nice and frothy.
Exactly seven grams are weighed out before being brewed and poured into a heated coffee cup, which helps form a frothy layer on top, and can be served with or without sugar.
The ED physician attempted to intubate the patient, but had difficulty because frothy secretions were coming from her trachea due to chest compressions.
The frothy little bubbles will massage muscles, release a fruity scent, and leave kids feeling refreshed and full of energy (Well, maybe right before bedtime is not the best time to use them.
This amiable comedy is unabashedly frothy fun -providing plum roles for Saturday Night Live cohorts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as the unlikely buddies - and delivering an abundance of hearty laughs.
The product line is available in four frothy flavors: Original Spiced Chai Tea, Perfectly Chocolate Chai Tea, Heavenly Green Tea and Classic Hot Chocolate.
uk Frothy ripples in floaty fabrics on dresses and tops or voluminous layers on more structured pieces of tailoring are a sure sign that spring has sprung and summer is on its way.
A beautiful beer in the glass, medium gold with a frothy head that dissipates fast.
When you sit down at a baseball stadium amid an atmosphere of hot dogs and peanuts, that arm holding a plastic cup of frothy beer may very well be resting on a casting.