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mused Miss Betsey, with her frown still bent upon the fire.
There was no frown, no wrinkle on its face, not a ripple.
Adam was looking at Hetty, and saw the frown, and pout, and the dark eyes seeming to grow larger with pettish half-gathered tears.
Was the faint shadow of a frown that crossed her brow an indication of displeasure at the sight that met her eyes, or did the brilliant rays of the noonday sun distress her?
The women of Helium are taught to frown with displeasure upon the tongue of the flatterer," rejoined the girl, but Gahan, Jed of Gathol, observed that she smiled as she said it.
With a frown Miss Polly folded the letter and tucked it into its envelope.
Dissatisfied with the pacific aspect of a face which had no more than the faintest hint of flaxen eyebrow, together with a pair of amiable blue-gray eyes and round pink cheeks that refused to look formidable, let him frown as he would before the looking-glass (Philip had once told him of a man who had a horseshoe frown, and Tom had tried with all his frowning might to make a horseshoe on his forehead), he had had recourse to that unfailing source of the terrible, burnt cork, and had made himself a pair of black eyebrows that met in a satisfactory manner over his nose, and were matched by a less carefully adjusted blackness about the chin.
But Armand's dark, handsome face had not often been disfigured by frowns since the day he fell in love with her.
Accounting for any change in their feelings of attractiveness, the women were found to be happier than they were when they were physically able to frown.
BIONOVA offers a healthy, non-invasive solution by introducing Forehead Wrinkles & Frown Lines Treatment - a specially developed for this area product.
For example, those treated for frown lines with Botox are not able to frown as strongly.
An ophthalmologist found a huge decrease in frown lines on a patient who was receiving the injections.