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Rather, I think the forecast is for a whole lot more sincere frowning in wellies.
If smiling can intensify feelings of pleasure and happiness and if frowning can amplify feelings of pain or sadness, we are clued into two simple ways of consciously acting to improve our emotional experience: smile more and frown less.
Whenever necessary, frowning was explained as bringing the eyebrows together and down.
On Wednesday, however, Mayor Fandakova sought to refute these conclusions by claiming that the food is excellent but the frowning resulted from Naydenov's personal food dislikes.
And then Mrs Groves read that researchers at the University of Cardiff had concluded that Botox anti-wrinkle treatment on the forehead may actually make people feel happier by preventing frowning.
Pictures of children smiling or frowning, with their mouth open or looking away will now be accepted.
After the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling that the Constitution did not ban gay marriage, it was likened to moral chaos, nuclear war, partial birth abortion, and the extinction of the human race by Bill Bennett, Gary Bauer, the Focus on Other People's Family, the Frowning Concerned Women, and others.
Then there's the toll from years of squinting, frowning, and smiling, as well as exposure to the sun.
Results from t-test analyses revealed significantly less frowning in the child-centered program.
Can't speak for Arsenal, but no-one at Liverpool was frowning.
Chris was still frowning but had not, so far, lunged forward to pummel his brother.
BEFORE; Sharon was so used to frowning and concentrating hard that she developed permanent deep lines; AFTER; Injections of Botox and a special filler relaxed her muscles giving her a smooth, younger complexion