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Frozen blood reserves are an important component of the U.
The clinical trials will evaluate additional blood preservation solutions as well as temperature conditions used in frozen blood processing.
at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta and their colleagues decided to take a look at frozen blood samples obtained from pregnant women whose developing fetuses were being checked for the presence of a neural tube defect.
Development of the Transportable Blood Transshipment Center, a frozen blood storage and transshipment facility for use by the U.
Originally FDA cleared to thaw frozen blood plasma, these sophisticated heat transfer devices provide fast, efficient thawing of plasma and glycerolized RBC without damaging delicate cells or proteins -- 12 minutes for a frozen 250ml plasma bag and 35 minutes for a frozen 450ml glycerolized RBC bag.
Levey and his colleagues testd frozen blood serum obtained from 716 organ donors whose tissues were transplanted from 1986 through 1990.
The Company's ACP(TM) 215 technology to freeze and thaw red cells has enabled military and civilian organizations to establish or increase frozen blood reserves to improve inventory management or for use in times of crisis.
For decades, the red wolf has been nearly indistinguishable genetically from either the gray wolf or the coyote, report two population geneticists who have compared DNA "fingerprints" from captive red wolves with those from frozen blood samples and museum skins.
military to improve their frozen blood programs; Haemonetics expects $7 million in ACP 215 revenues in Fiscal 2002.
Cytosol Laboratories was established in 1968 to provide products to support the frozen blood program at Massachusetts General Hospital and now supply many specialty products to the medical community on a worldwide basis.
Further, following September 11 the American Red Cross dramatically sped up its strategic frozen blood program, purchasing 30 Haemonetics ACP 215 systems.
RAI) announced today that it has received a Department of Defense contract to develop a new method for processing frozen blood in both military and civilian applications.