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Today s Joint Venture fructified after a meeting was held by all the Ministers present in today s function only a week back on 17th Dec.
It firmed up plans to hive off its ATR operations, loyalty programme and engineering unit into separate companies, none of which fructified.
Badal, local MP, Navjot Singh Sidhu said that a vision of Deputy Chief Minister to make Punjab power surplus by generating 5000 MW power in next two and half year was getting fructified.
Local BJP leaders were all smiles after the month- long efforts and protracted negotiations in the wake of some of the allies insisting on particular seats fructified.
While the efforts put in by the State Govt of Nagaland to contain the fires have fructified in certain areas, a large portion of forested area east of Mt Japfu is largely inaccessible by foot and continues to smolder.
How many of these projects have fructified is of the essence?
A decision to permit foreign carriers to invest in the airline industry in India (upto 49%) has already resulted in 3 major investment proposals getting fructified.
Sources said efforts have been on for quite some time to set up these alternative arrangements, but these have not yet fructified.
THE YAMUNA IT HAS not fructified so far, but hope springs eternal in the Delhi citizen's heart.
The lease did not come through and the Russians then offered to sell the aircraft to India, but even that has not fructified.
But the bid to democratise the party has not fructified as the ongoing polls are marred by complaints of bogus voters in some states and low enrolment in others.
Gadkari's bold announcement sent shockwaves in the party headquarters as the proposal to bring back Bharati and Govindacharya has not fructified for over two years because of dissenting notes from most of the mainline leaders.